We pride ourselves on our three core principles: Safe, Discreet and Controlled. This guarantees we consistently provide you and your vehicle all that's required to ensure customer satisfaction.

We offer all the services required to help keep your vehicle at it's best, maximising value and allowing you to turn the key and go as soon as ready to leave our facility. Plus more!

If your MOT falls due whilst stored with us, we can take your vehicle to one of our recommended garages, or to your choice of garage, conduct the MOT and return back to our facility, without you needing to attend. Any advisories will be reported back you immediately.

Part of keeping a vehicle in it's condition is to regularly service at least to the manufacturers recommendations. We can take your vehicle to one of our recommended garages, or to your choice of garage, allowing the service to be performed and return back to our facility, without you needing to attend.

Fuel Stabiliser
Fuel Stabilizer is a fuel additive that keeps fuel fresh for quick, easy starts after periods of storage. Protect your engine from the gum, varnish, rust and corrosion that can afflict engines after petrol left in the tank has broken down. It also prolongs the life of an engine by removing water from petrol tanks, and cleans carburettors and fuel injectors. The solution works safely and effectively in all petrol blends.

We will purchase interesting vehicles for sale or take vehicles on consignment for clients. Tell us the vehicle you require and we will work to locate it, sending details of possible finds to you, anywhere in the world. When buying a classic or sports vehicle, having a specialist inspection carried out prior to purchase is always advisable, especially if you are unable to view the vehicle in person. We can provide contact information for companies specialising in pre-purchase inspections, insurance valuations, etc.

AutoInn have teamed up with Supercar Sourcing who specialise in finding luxury and sports vehicles to client specification. Supercar Sourcing will locate, collect and deliver your dream car to your door. This exclusive service ensures that clients can enjoy the experience of the purchase with complete privacy and confidentiality.

We are also pleased to act as a representative for the sale of clients' vehicles. We can prepare your car by performing the valet or detail of your choice, advertise in the best places for your particular vehicle, place the vehicle with auction houses and even produce professional looking photographs.

Outdoor/Caravan Storage
Our grounds are concreted throughout with a dedicated area offering outside vehicle/caravan storage at a great low cost, but with the benefits of Hi-Tec CCTV, Gated key code access and 24 hour on site presence.

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